Out of the randomness

New research confirms that random choices lead to preferences, and then it follows that preferences lead to habits and habits lead us to become the person we somehow decide we were born to be.*
(Seth Godin)

While finite games are externally defined, infinite games are internally defined. The time of an infinite game is not world-time but the time created within the play itself. Since each play of an infinite game eliminates boundaries it opens to players a new horizon of time.**
(James Carse)

As far as we know, humans are the only creatures whose lives don’t go round and around with the seasons, understanding our lives can be on a journey to the future we want to be meaningful.

It all begins in the interesting place that is randomness, when we choose this rather than that. When this has been happening for around eighteen to twenty years, you end up with something really interesting: you.

Slowing down to notice who you are allows you to realise that you really like the things that have become: powerful values, talents and creative energies.

I included James Carse’s words because they provide one way of spotting the things we love most of all. Notice the things you do when time looks and feels different., when you’re not reacting to the time of others but are making your own time.

One of the exciting things about all of this randomness is how it leads to people who have a deep joy in what they do meeting the greatest needs in the world.

Each year, I work with a small number of people to notice the story that’s been developing in all of the randomness. If you would like to know more about this, drop me a line at geoffrey@thinsilence.org.

(*From Seth Godin’s blog: We like what we choose.)
(**From James Carse’s Finite and Infinite Games.)

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