And curiosity and imagination have brought you here

One day after another –
They all fit.

(Robert Creeley)

If here is the place our curiosity and imagination have brought us to then it is the best place of all.

No matter what is happening around you, keep coming here.

Here, every day, you will be able to engage in the work that is in front of you.

Here, we bring the power of our imagination to the pressure of reality through attention, presence and letting come.**

If you are not in this place just yet, identify what is your curiosity and pursue it every day. Take a journal along (and doodle too) alongside your curiosity.

You’ll find your imagination awakening with more thoughts and ideas than you can handle meaning you’ll have to let some go to keep hold of others.

After all of this, though, where you will be is here, doing the work that is in front of you, every day.

(*Robert Creeley, quoted in Austin Kleon’s blog: Doing the work that’s in front of you.)
(**Thank you to Wallace Stevens for his powerful imagery in The Necessary Angel.)

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