Grace and truth

The thing to do is learn to live in your period of history as a human being.*
(Joseph Campbell)

True worth […] inheres in the creative spirit, and the objects of the world move accordingly, not to some other illusory value.**
(Lewis Hyde)

Grace can be anything from moving easily to expressing the depths of love, joy, peace, kindness and much more.

Truth can be anything from knowing a lot of facts to knowing the truth of oneself, between oneself and others, and between oneself and the world.

Can you imagine encountering someone who expresses the latter in each case?

Perhaps there are such people coming to mind for you right now.

Can you imagine being such a person to others?

Now that would be a life.

Seth Godin produced a delightful little eBook called Graceful; it’s a great place to start imagining.

(*From Joseph Campbell’s The Power of Myth.)
(**From Lewis Hyde’s The Gift.)

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