Openness can be the hardest word

If you spot something interesting, look closer.*
(Rob Walker)

We want our minds to be clear – not so we can think clearly, but so we can be open in our perceptions.**
(M. C. Richards)

We are both free and trapped in our seeing, being able to see so much and yet miss even more.

M. C. Richards writes, ‘the laws of physics are the laws of our nature:’

We can only receive what we already have! We can only become what we already are! We can learn only what we already know. It is a matter of realising potentialities.**

Yet we come to the aid of each other.

Whilst being prepared to see, being present to see what is there and even prescient in seeing what is not there, being open to what others see seems to me to be critical. It is also very difficult because our own ways of seeing try to dominate and yet seeing more through each other is the reality of we are:

We see that it is not a matter of trying to be related but rather of living consciously into the actuality of being related.**

Asking open and generous questions of what each other sees is one of the most helpful ways for developing this openness.

What we also notice, over time, is how our ability to see more is growing.

(*From Rob Walker‘s The Art of Noticing newsletter: Look Out.)
(**From M. C. Richards’ Centering.)

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