Sooner or later we must distinguish between what we are not and what we are. We must accept the fact that we are now what we would like to be. We must cast off our false, exterior self like the cheap and showy garment that it is […] We must find our real self, in all its elemental poverty, but also in its great and very simple dignity […].*
(Thomas Merton)

As the circle of light increases, so does the circumference of darkness.**
(Albert Einstein)

These last few days I have found myself reflecting on my limitations, feeling the animated challenge to further embrace who I am rather than who I am not.

I am convinced this to be a daily and lifelong adventure because as we know our true self better we also come close to the unknown possibility of who we can become in that direction.

(*Thomas Merton, quoted in Ian Morgan Cron’s The Road Back to You.)
(**Albert Einstein, quoted in Martin Amor and Alex Pellew’s The Idea in You.)

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