Almost here?

[I]t is essential to put yourself in the unconditional service of the future possibility that is wanting to emerge. Viewed from this angle, presenting is about a dialogue with the future possibility that want to emerge.*
(Otto Scharmer)

Many people feel there’s a new future wanting to emerge and we get to be a part of creating this.

In her letter to young readers, Morley Kamen writes about the difference books made for her, but it’s her dream that I most want to focus on:

I was able to see I was not alone in my feelings but in believing that everyone, including nature, has a birthright to be respected and free. I learned that what I envisioned for humanity has been envisioned many times before I was even born. This validated me is some personal way and gave me permission to keep leaning into love and justice as I grew up.**

Here is a future that has yet to fully appear because, whilst there’s unfolding natural future, there’s also a human-led future. Kamen sees how many have been working towards this, leaving us maps; it is now our turn to add to these, to extend our knowledge of each other – and all fauna and flora:

When we learn about each other, we are less afraid of each other – I am thankful to those who have come before and those who are now actively providing us maps to get to where we need to go as a human family. We are all connected and our freedom to love, learn, laugh, dream, dance is all tied up to the freedom of everyone and every living things around us.**

I wrote of one of these maps in a recent post, realising I had stood on the spot where it had been revealed. We are all standing in a special place, sacred ground, in this moment, following the death of George Floyd, when the future that Kamen and so many others have dreamed and worked for wants to emerge, wants to breathe.

God says breathe!
The universe says breathe!
The science of physics and
chemistry and biology says breathe!
The oceans say breathe!
The trees say breathe!
And we bless each other, saying, breathe!

(Kamen includes a breathing exercise on her website, here.)

(*From Otto Scharmer’s Theory U.)
(**From Morley Kamen’s letter to young readers from Maria Popova and Claudia Bedrick’s A Velocity of Being.)

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