It’s that zing-thing

We use our imagination not to escape reality but to join it, and this exhilarates us because of the distance between our ordinary dulled consciousness and an apprehension of the real.*
(Iris Murdoch)

The effective person is the combiner of knowledge and power, and ability to turn understanding into action.

This is not the kind of power attached to titles and roles but that found in personal integrity.

By integrity I mean connection, to others, to the world, to one’s true self and, if a person of faith, connection to god.

It’s quite something just how these connections not only allow more possibilities to take form in our imaginations, they exist because we have been exerting and building up our power

Iris Murdoch reminds us how imagination isn’t about escaping reality but is our way of joining with it.

We may be able to imagine big things but this isn’t always a good place to start. Power is something we build over time as we engage in the things we’re imagining. Instead of imagining something big and trying to start there, continue with your imagining, but this time come up with the smallest iteration of what you’re seeing.

Feel how much stronger you feel when you’ve accomplished this!

The zing-thing is how I describe connecting what we personally are most curious about and must explore, our talents and abilities, our energies or passions, and then add action.

(*From Iris Murdoch’s The Sovereignty of Good.)

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