A community of cloud-walkers

NEFELIBATA. Definition: A cloud walker. An individual who lives in the clouds of her own imagination or dreams. A person who doesn’t abide by the rules of society, literature, or art.
Pronunciation: ne-fe-LE-ba-ta.

A hero is someone who has given his or her life for something bigger than oneself.*
(Joseph Campbell)

The Portuguese word nefelibata was a gift from Valerie while we were taking a walk through the clouds yesterday in our dreamwhispering conversation.

I see nefebilata as those who have learned both to live in reality and to explore their imaginations.

There are many who, for right or wrong, want you to keep our feet on the ground – as they do – and not to go walking through the clouds of a different perspective to the conventions of ‘society, literature, or art’ – and all they encompass and stand for – but you must play:

Creativity is the search for meaning.**

While this may sound individualistic, the reality is nefelibata see others differently, valuing who they are, appreciating how they are completed by others, and so they are very glad to have company, to commit to community,.

It is a gift to be able to live our lives around what we value most of all, trusting that when we allow ourselves and each other to do this, wonderful possibilities will follow. Walking through the clouds is a way of imagining how we can live our lives joyfully and for the good of others.

Valerie happened to send me another gift following our conversation, summing up what walking through the clouds has meant for her:

There are no manuals for the construction of the individual you would like to become. You are the only one who can decide this and take up the lifetime of work that it demands. This is a wonderful privilege and such an exciting adventure. To grow into the person your deepest longing desires is a great blessing. If you can find a creative harmony between your soul and your life, you will have found something infinitely precious. You may not be able to do too much about the great problems of the world or to change the situation you are in, but if you can awaken the eternal beauty and light of your soul, you will bring light wherever you go. The gift of life is given to us for ourselves and also to bring peace, courage, and compassion to others.^

(*From Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers’ The Power of Myth.)
(**From Seth Godin’s blog: Seeing the world anew.)
(^From John O’Donohue’s Eternal Echoes.)

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