Conversations with the best self

Maybe you work with an organisation. They have systems and charts and boxes. […] Perhaps you work with an organism instead. An organism constantly changes. The cells develop, die and are replaced. It adapts to the current environment or goes away.*
(Seth Godin)

Changes in the environment run ahead of genetically patterned behaviour; among social animals, no single institution, like the family, can guarantee stability.**
(Richard Sennett)

Change happens. We know this only too well.

We have to adapt. When we work together, we’ll need to be more organism than organisation.

When considering cooperation and competition, Richard Sennett explores a spectrum of exchange beginning with altruism and moving through win-win, differentiating exchange, zero-sum, to winner-takes-all.

It’s the first three of these that will help us work together towards a new future.

When it comes to altruism it seems we’re helped by being more reflective:

altruism is performed for a ‘shadow self,’ a shadow companion with who one conducts a conversation about how to behave.**

Erwin McManus writes about three quests – for honour, nobility and for enlightenment. The quest for nobility helps us discover our generative heart through gratitude for what we have. We understand ourselves to be whole, generative beings capable of great generosity. The language may be different to that of Sennett but it’s a reflective journey and the product is the same^

(*From Seth Godin’s blog: What kind of org?)
(**From Richard Sennett’s Together.)
(^From Erwin McManus’ Uprising.)

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