cooperation precedes individuation: cooperation is the foundation of human development, in that we learn how to be together before we learn how to stand apart*
(Richard Sennett)

Most of the progress in our culture of the last 200 years has come from using truth as a force for forward motion. Centralised proclamations are not nearly as resilient or effective as the work of countless individuals, aligned in their intention, engaging with the world. […] It pays to curate the incoming, to ignore the noise and to engage with voices who are willing to show their work.**
(Seth Godin)

If we find a misalignment between the truth of who we are – think values, talents and how we flourish through action – and the person we portray then we need to realign. The old word for this is repent, more than being sorry about something, it means we do something.

To know the truth about ourselves and the truth about each other provides a powerful force for moving forward together.

(*From Richard Sennett’s Together.)
(**From Seth Godin’s blog: Reality as an organising principle.)

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