Signals and signs

I, wherever I turned, felt the enchantment: to the window for the sweetness of the air; to the door for the passing figures; to the teapot, the typewriter, the knitting needles, the pets, the pottery, the newspaper, the telephone Wherever I looked I could have lived.*
(M. C. Richards)

We may know what we mean when we say there is a difference between my dog’s understanding of the word ball – to go and look for it – and your understanding of the same utterance – you may say “Ball?” What about it?” […] I propose here to use the word signal for the former and […] the word sign for the latter […].**
(Walker Percy)

There’s a message in everything, beyond the name or label we attach

More than information and knowledge, there’s understanding and wisdom. Everywhere. Absolutely everywhere.

We are creatures who turn signals into signs with curiosity and a question, with interest and exploration, with joy and presence.

(*From M. C. Richards’ Centering.)
(*From Walker Percy’s Lost in the Cosmos.)

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