Choose your words carefully

A library isn’t just a collection of books. It’s a portal to anywhere you want to go in the universe. Go explore!*
(Sylvia Earle)

Why is it no other species but man gets bored? Under the circumstances in which a man gets bored, a dog goes to sleep.**
(Walker Percy)

The words I have read so far this morning have taken me to so many places: in time – thousands of years ago; in geography – beneath the oceans; into hesitancy – when we feel ill-prepared to do something; into behaviour – asking why it is we do the things we do.

What will be brought to me on the winds of the next words I read or hear?

Some words are more powerful than others for me. I have gathered them, imagined them, lived them. As I have collected these words, they have become sticky. Other words from unfamiliar places adhere to them and the world gets bigger.

When we’re bored, we can turn our surroundings into words and then the words not something else. Something magical may happen: a poem, an exploration of etymology, or a story.

New things can begin with a word.

Have fun with your words today.

(*From Sylvia Earle’s letter to young readers, in Maria Popova and Claudia Bedrick’s A Velocity of Being.)
(**From Walker Percy’s Lost in the Cosmos.)

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