It’s about us

At the same time the echo chamber around us magnifies our story, we also have the solace of knowing that truly, it’s us. Us together. The boat is really, really big and we’re all in it. This is a slog, and there will be another side. It is unevenly distributed, it’s a tragedy and it’s a challenge. But we’re in it together and with care and generosity, we can find perspective, possibility and hope.*
(Seth Godin)

In our eagerness to make an extraordinary impact, we forget it’s in ordinary moments that we leave the world better for our being here.**
(Bernadette Jiwa)

While reading these words, I was reminded of Dave Logan, John King and Haylee Fischer Wright’s book Tribal Leadership.

Basically, the three are identifying five tribes of people with different worldview and mantras (I heavily summarise these).

The first tribe declares “Life sucks.”

The second tribe claims “My life sucks, though yours may be okay.”

The third tribe celebrates “I’m great, though you’re not great.”

The fourth tribe choruses “We’re great, but they’re not great.

The fifth tribe proffers “Life is great and we face many challenges.”

We’re all being invited into the fifth tribe, though Gray, King and Fischer-Wright claim that we cannot skip tribes but have to move through the stages.

(*From Seth Godin’s blog: You’re surrounded.)
(**From Benadette Jiwa’s The Story of Telling: Better For Your Being Here.)

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