Time to recover the other 80%

The Law of the Vital Few: in many settings, 80 percent of a given effect is due to just 20 percent of the possible causes.*
(Cal Newport)

Books let us be trees, don’t you think. Seeing beyond the span of our own lives, reaching high into the sunlight and deep into the dark fertile soil of imagination.**
(Robin Wall Kimerer)

If we lived entirely in chronos time the maths make absolute sense. We can only pay attention to so much so we focus on what we do really well, especially when it has an 80% effect.

But life is not only chronos time, it is both chronos and kairos time – those deep-time moments that feel as if they are able to contain the whole universe.

When we journal, practising slow writing allows the entirety of our lives to come into view, who we are and what we bring in relation to ourselves, others and all things appear.

(*From Cal Newport’s Deep Work.)
(**From Robin Wall Kimerer‘s letter to you readers in Maria Popova and Claudia Bedrick’s A Velocity of Being.)

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