The story isn’t over until it’s over

All stories take the form of a Quest. To understand the Quest form of your story, penetrate the psychology of your protagonist and find an honest answer to the question: “What does he or she want?”*
(Robert McKee)

You’re not done yet. Your story isn’t yet complete. The journey continues.

Don’t celebrate prematurely, thinking you’ve reached the goal of your potential. Don’t give up, thinking you’ll never make it, when there’s more to come.

We must continue to pursue what we have found in our hearts: the quest we must never give up on.

Keep turning up.

Follow your plan – until it needs to be adapted or clarified.

The obstacle is often found to be the way:

When the dark clouds come … keep going.^

There are so many other scripts we’ll be tempted to follow, those written for us by others, the expectations of our society and culture, but there’s a reason the universe has made it possible for you to form your dream.

In her letter to young readers, Ruth Ann Harnisch writes of her superpower:

More words, more power. […] The more I read, the more I become myself, an individual with ideas. […] As long as I can read, I can unlock the secrets of the world. It’s my best superpower.^

The more words we have for what we seek and we do, the more ideas we will have, the more ways of seeing our way through, the stronger we’ll become, and the more service we can be to others.

(*Robert McKee’s newsletter: The Complex Simplicity of Story.)
(**From Charlie Mackesy’s The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse.)
(^From Ruth Ann Harnisch‘s letter to young readers, in Maria Popova and Claudia Bedrick’s A Velocity of Being.)

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