Full participation

Figure out what it means to put flesh and blood on it.

In your place,
at your time,
in your world,
figure it out.*
(Rob Bell)

The thing you really want will require everything.

There are many borders to cross, challenges to face, people to encounter, before you will come to the fullness of what it is you desire, found in the I-in-now:

The revolutionary force in this century is the awakening of a deep generative human capacity – the I-in now.**

This is the fourth of Otto Scharmer and Theory U‘s “I-in” stages.

We begin with I-in-me – a necessary and important world, though small.

Larger is the world of I-in-it in which we discover there is more than we possibly knew.

Beyond this growing world is I-in-us, the discovering of deeper and richer worlds of one another.

Now we are able to arrive at I-in-now, a world of many possibilities made possible because we each are bringing all and everything we are – especially our courage, our generosity, our wisdom.

I feel Martin Buber commentating on this more when he writes:

Those who experience do not participate in the world. For the experience is “in them” and not between them and the world.^

The experience is most-important to us but is not the end of our questing, merely the beginning.

We are glimpsing a different and very possible human future made possible when we are prepared to give everything:

Once you’ve seen, you can’t unsee.*

(*From Rob Bell’s What is the Bible?)
(**From Otto Scharmer’s Theory U.)
(^From Martin Buber’s I and Thou.)

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