For abundance, add randomness

Time and again I am surprised by the richness and diversity of their responses. The random images seem to stimulate their meaning making and encourage them to break out of familiar ways of thinking. […] In the words of Bateson […], Without the random there can be no new thing.*
(Daphne Loads)

I thought to read even more randomly as I journaled this morning.

I’d read Daphne Loads’ words on randomness yesterday and made sure to include them.

A dozen or so sources later, I’d reflected on the behaviour of a particular crowd story that had perplexed me for many years …

pondered reconstituting a creative community I have missed since its final event some years ago …

wondered about how the different experiences we go through temper or “voice,” and how to bring this into my work …

thought about how to connect mindful doodling more with this …

considered how the mundane things in our days may be transformed into meaningful games of possibility, allowing us to stay in our flow

topped off with how the random meetings with people and what’s important to them can create spaces of possibility, and a universe of abundance rather than a world of scarcity.

Would it have mattered if I had not got anything from my random wanderings? I don’t think so.

As long as I trust openness and unhurriedness to provide more:

The least strained and most natural ways of the soul are the most beautiful, the best occupations are the least forced.**

This for all of us; why not find your randomness.

(*From Daphne Loads’ Rich Pickings, quoting Gregory Bateson.)
(**Michel de Montaigne, quoted in Gretchen Ruben’s The Happiness Project.)

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