Oh, what a wonderful day this could be

Before the whites came […] no one in Australia was landless, since everyone inherited, as his or her private property, a stretch of the ancestors song and the stretch of country over which the song passed.*

How old do you have to be to make a bad drawing?**
(Lynda Barry)

Bryan Ferry singing What a Wonderful World This Would Be was in my head as I was reading and journaling this morning. I found myself grateful for all the decades of my life contain.

I don’t know much about lots of things, as Bryan Ferry and originally Sam Cooke had sung:

Don’t know much about history
Don’t know much biology
Don’t know much about a science book
Don’t know much about the French I took
But I do know that I love you
And I know that if you love me, too
What a wonderful world this would be.^

Beyond those I love, I was thinking about the other thing I love, the thing I do know that helps me get up in the morning and makes it possible to live through the day with the kind of energy I find in these words from Richard Rohr:

I love what I see. Life excites me.^^

It will be different for every one of us yet there’ll be something that excites us beyond everything else. We find it on the far side of what we know about ourselves and what we think we know full-stop.

Lynda Barry’s question reminds us that so many of us will have stopped drawing because someone judged our efforts, perhaps even ourselves pre-empting what we think someone else may think.*^

There’ll be other things we stopped doing because of what others have said or we think they disapprove of, and we have allowed these to drop into the background. I know this was true for me.

But whatever this thing is, it is our inheritance and no-one can take it from us. Drawing comes from within, our purpose or mission also comes from within.

When we know this and own it we have a compelling story to tell ourselves each day, a story in which reality is absorbed and changed.

Oh, what a wonderful day this could be.

(*Flynn, quoted in Bruce Chatwin’s The Songlines.)
(**From Lynda Barry’s Making Comics.)
(^From What a Wonderful World This Would Be.)
(^^From Richard Rohr’s Eager to Love.)
(*^Check out peter Reynolds’ very special Ish.)

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