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The reason it’s difficult to learn something new is that it will change you into someone who disagrees with the person you used to be. And we’re not organised for that. […] The alternative is to sign up for a lifetime of challenging what the self believes. A journey to find more effectiveness, not more stability.*
(*Seth Godin)

Most of us then default to one of a handful of templates and filters for all their experiences; everything gets pulled inside of what my little mind already agrees with.**
(Richard Rohr)

The important thing is not what you’re passionate about but that you own and explore your passion.

Passion is your key to opening new rooms and worlds and universes. Connect with it and you’ll find within it what you must do next, though many miss this:

I walked away remembering passion was a rare commodity.^

The remarkable thing about all of this is that when we live our passion large, we find ourselves transported into places and spaces we never imagined going before, into the rooms and worlds and universes of others.

Welcome to a year of everything getting bigger.

(*From Seth Godin’s blog: Defending myself.)
(**From Richard Rohr’s The Divine Dance.)
(^From Erwin McManus’ Uprising.)

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