The person artist

Theatrically, my birth is an event of plotted repetition. I am born as another member of my family and my culture. Who I am is a question already answered by the content and character of a tradition. Dramatically, my birth is the rupture of that repetitive sequence, an event certain to change what the past has meant. In this case the character of tradition is determined by who I am. Dramatically speaking, every birth is the birth of genius.*
(James Carse)

To be an artist is to be on the hook, to take your turn, to do the things that might not work, to see connection, to embrace generosity first, to change someone, to be human.**
(Seth Godin)

We are all person-artists. First and foremostly of ourselves. We create a different story alongside the script nature has included us in.

Second and very importantly, when we do this and we work out our art, we help others to figure who they are, what their art should be.

I can name the people who helped me in this way.

Although we may begin to help each other by looking, we come to understand there is a difference between looking and seeing:

To look at is to look for.*

To look at you is to bring my own perspectives, lenses and filters to bear. It’s a beginning. To see you, though, is to allow who you are to come to me and I merely help you to see this for yourself.

(*From James Carse’s Finite and Infinite Games.)
(**From Seth Godin’s What to Do When it’s Your Turn.)

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