Opportunity and possibility

First there was time. Then space and energy. Then matter. And now the possibility of life, of other minds. What would these new minds think? What would they grasp? […] Could they feel the weight of the future, heavy, bristling with possibilities. But I could not see the future.*
(Alan Lightman)

You have to keep finding new and creative things to be grateful for […] . You have to keep looking – hard. Or else your brain just switches to autopilot, and all your blessings start turning to dust in your mind.**
(Hugh Macleod)

A few things about opportunities.

You have already been given the greatest opportunity ever. You are here.

There is no such thing as the perfect opportunity. Don’t wait for it to appear.

You are surrounded by opportunities, even if it is to be pleasant to the person who has been unpleasant to you.

So don’t worry about the size of an opportunity. The smallest can turn out to be quite magical.

The more opportunities you say yes to, the more you will find possibilities opening up.

(*From Alan Lightman’s Mr g.)
(**From gapingvoid’s blog: Count your blessings.)

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