Fastfastfastfastfastfastfast s l o w

These days the social system and the social ideals and also the physical environment is changing so fast that there is no opportunity for a constellation, for a crystalisation, to develop.*
(Joseph Campbell)

I’ve mentioned before Joseph Campbell’s thinking about how the speed of modern life is making it difficult to create our myths for today – the main two being a personal and a social myth.

We need some tools.

These are Alex McManus‘ future protocols with some colouring in from me. They help us to slow down because we can’t create our stories and make our contributions in a hurry.

Reflection: to slow down and notice more;
Apprehension to become one to the possible;
Imagination to begin playing with possibility;
Synchronisation to make the possibility personal to us and allow it to change us;
Design to begin making the future tangible, including prototypes;
Creation to bring the future into being.

(*From Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey.)

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