What was it if not the call of unexpected possibility?

[Karlfried Graf Durkheim] said the whole problem of life is to become “transparent to transcendence”: so that you realise that you are yourself a manifestation of this. That you live the myth. That you live the divine life within you. Yourself as a vehicle; not as a final term but as a vehicle of consciousness and life.*
(Joseph Campbell)

The sucker’s trap is when you focus on what you know and others don’t, rather than the reverse.**
(Nassim Taleb)

We might think of qualities such as compassion, kindness, humility, meekness, patience, forgiveness, love and peace as being the destination, but what if they are first of all the means of our seeking, our exploring?

Are they our best means to becoming “transparent?”

Then it is not about us.

Transparency will always allow others to see their “unexpected possibility” through us.

(*From Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey.)
(**From Nassim Taleb’s The Bed of Procrustes.)

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