The Thin|Silence Store

Here are some Thin|Silence designs you can purchase as a gift for others of for yourself.

CHRISTMAS CARD: My design from 2017 is still available from Methodist Publishing: £2.99 for five cards and envelopes, plus postage.

SLOW JOURNEYS IN THE SAME DIRECTION: As far as I am aware, this is the only colouring book with online content to guide you through each doodle’s texts, including things you can try out. It’s available from Methodist Publishing at £4.99 plus postage; even with the postage it’s a great price compared with other colouring books available in shops.

CHRISTMAS CARDS: May it be a Slow, Slow Christmas is a limited run of cards and I have a some left after orders; they are £1 each (including envelope) plus postage.

TEA-TOWEL DESIGN?: I thought to “test the waters” and see if there is interest in the same design as a tea-towel. It would be a limited run of 36 and the price of each would be £10 plus postage.

If you are interested in either the cards or tea-towel, email me by Monday, 25th November for the tea-towel and Monday, 2nd December for the cards, at

TEA-TOWEL: I have a small number of my A Special Edition tea-towels from a limited run of only 37, with a gift card in the same design. These are £10 plus any postage and packing. Get in touch with me at

DREAMWHISPERING: The final expression of Thin|Silence to let you know about this week is Dreamwhispering©, a ten hour journey of conversations exploring values, talents, dreams and energies, wrapped around the two critical questions: Who am I? and What is my work (contribution).

Available in person, by video call or by phone, the 2019 price is £200, and you can book this now and begin in 2020.

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