The Thin|Silence Store

Here are some more expressions of Thin|Silence, beginning with my colouring book Slow Journeys in the Same Direction. As far as I am aware, this is the only colouring book with online content to guide you through each doodle’s texts, including things you can try out. It’s available from Methodist Publishing at £4.99 plus postage; it’s still a great price compared with other colouring books available in shops.

Thank you to those who have ordered my Christmas card design May it be a Slow, Slow Christmas; this is now with the printers.

I want to “test the waters” to see if there would be interest in the same design as a tea-towel. It would be a limited run of 36 and the price of each would be £10 plus postage. If you are interested, email me by Monday, 25th November at

I also have a small number of my A Special Edition tea towels – though a smaller number from last week – from a limited run of only 37 which come with a gift card in the same design. These are £10 plus any postage and packing.

The final expression of Thin|Silence to let you know about is Dreamwhispering©, a ten hour journey of conversations exploring values, talents, dreams and energies, wrapped around the two critical questions Who am I? and What is my work (contribution).

Available in person, by video call or by phone, the 2019 price is £200, and you can book this now and begin in 2020.

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