Have patience, have patience, don’t be in such a hurry

A naive dream is that it’s possible to go on a long bike ride – and enjoy the journey going downhill in each direction. […] The hard work is digging deeper than usual on the up hills – that’s the best chance you have to earn a downhill later.*
(Seth Godin)

The words of today’s title come from a song we used to sing with our children.  It continues:

When you get impatient, you’ll only start to worry.
Remember, remember that God is patient too,
And think of all times when others have to wait for you.**

Being patient doesn’t mean we do nothing, it does mean that we take the time to do the deeper and more significant work in us and around us that will lead to more.  As Seth Godin says elsewhere, patience allows us to ‘choose to pursue something longer term, more resilient, more important.^

Patience allows us to build capacity, within ourselves and with those around us.  The kind of patience, to borrow Edgar Schein’s words:

that will enable you to understand and change what is going on and, in that process, will not only make you a better person, but enable you to make a better world.^^

When we practise patience, we are shaping our art to be its most impactful.

If you rush on, beware, you may actually get what you are running towards, and sometimes having to slow down is a gift in disguise.

(*From Seth Godin’s blog: Uphill both ways.)
(**From His and Hernandez Music: Patience.)
(^From Seth Godin’s blog: Up and to the right.)
(^Edgar Schein, quoted in Maureen O’Hara’s and Graham Leicester’s Dancing at the Edge.)

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