Holes in the reasonable

If you truly want to get unstuck, if you want to move to higher ground or do something more worthwhile, the first question to ask is, “Am I willing to be unreasonable, at least for a while?”*
(Seth Godin)

A kairós is a penetrable opening in the weaving of cloth, the weaving of time, the weaving of fate.**
(Lewis Hyde)

There can be moments when our world opens to something else, something different, a possibility for becoming unstuck.

“Dibsy” McLintock was 28 years old, weighing 40 stones, and looking at an early death, but his story was heard by personal trainer Mike Hind who offered to help him shed 19 stones and run the Great North Run. I was listening to Dibsy speak on the radio, telling of how he couldn’t turn down the best trainer in the UK when he called. It would mean a total change of lifestyle but it would literally save his life.

What was breaking into Dibsy’s life was another reality when he was so stuck – something unreasonable, something accidental (what if Mike Hind hadn’t heard his story?).

This is only one picture of being stuck. There are boring jobs, bad relationships, meaningless days, too many choices – these are the reasonable things that make up our days. When the accidental comes along, and it will, we must be ready to move through the tear that appears in our world and into a different reality.

It is possible to make these things happen, too, or at least prepare ourselves for the holes-in-the-reasonable when they appear. It’s what I hope my dreamwhispering work is all about.

The important thing is not to turn down the new, unfamiliar, unreasonable kairós moment when it opens to us.

(*From Seth Godin’s blog: Being stuck is reasonable.)
(**From Lewis Hyde’s Trickster Makes This World.)

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