Everyday truths

How you do what you do is your competitive advantage.*
(Bernadette Jiwa)

If we lived in Truth; if we spoke the Truth – then we would walk with God once again, and respect ourselves, and others, and the world.**
(Jordan Peterson)

Some, not knowing the truth and not wanting to look bad or incompetent, make it up.

Others, know the truth, but hide it because it doesn’t provide them with the advantage they desire.

None of us are free from these temptations. In some way or other we play with order and chaos, yet those who make the seeking of the truth their how in life will spread goodness.

With his understanding of myths, Jordan Peterson writes:

The moral of Genesis 1 is that Being brought into existence through true speech is Good.**

The point is, each of us has the incredible capacity to use true speech and bring Goodness into our world with and for others:

[Good’s] existence is the unmistakable sign that we are spiritual creatures, attracted by excellence and made for good.^

We might say, we’re only becoming what we are made for.

(*From The Story of Telling: The Empathy Advantage.)
(**From Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life.)
(^From Iris Murdoch’s The Sovereignty of Good.)

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