Beyond B

Nothing makes play more fun than some new toys. Seek out unfamiliar tools and materials. Find something new to fiddle with.*
(Austin Kleon)

The technium – the modern system of culture and technology – is accelerating the creation of new possibilities by continuing to invent new social organisations.**
(Kevin Kelly)

Some people live for point B.

Every day they live out the journey of A to B.

One day there’ll be C but that’s for the future, not now. There’s a lot of saving up to be done for C.

Every so often a smaller version of C is experienced. Bags are packed, the passports are found and there’s a flight to c.

Until then, they must continue getting out of A and travelling to B, putting in a day’s shift.

B is very big.


It’s hard to see around it some times.

There are two ways to try and see and experience D an E and F and P and X … :

One is to make yourself look at something different and play with it a while.

The other is to find a group of people you can travel along with.

A third way is to try some dreamwhispering.

(*From Austin Kleon’s Keep Going.)
(**From Kevin Kelly’s The Inevitable.)

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