Imagining what is not

Chaos is the domain of ignorance itself. It’s unexplored territory. […] Oder, by contrast is explored territory. […] To straddle that fundamental duality is to be balanced” to have one foot firmly planted in order and security, and the other in chaos, possibility, growth and adventure. […] That is where meaning is to be found.*
(Jordan Peterson)

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.**
(Albert Einstein)

What we want our lives to mean isn’t to be found here.

We’ve stopped moving a little too early.

If we stop here we may find ourselves head as a prisoner of our past.

We must step out into the other, the unknown, the seemingly chaotic – seemingly chaotic because absolute chaos is unsurvivable.

What appears chaotic is often simply what we do not know … yet:

True innovation isn’t about finding an alternative that gets us from A to B; it’s about envisioning new As and Bs. It’s about being open to redefining where problems begin and where solutions must end.^

(*From Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules For Life.)
(**Albert Einstein, quoted in Ben Hardy’s These 20 Pictures Will Teach You More Than Reading 100 Books.)
(^From Bernadette Jiwa’s Hunch.)

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