A blessing for those who are still growing up

Some people as they grow up become less […]. Other people as they grow up become more.*
(Eugene Peterson)

The wanderer becomes one with himself or herself and the universe. We connect with the energy of all living things. We live according to our inner nature.**
(Keri Smith)

Over twenty years ago, Eugene Peterson’s Under the Unpredictable Plant stimulated a growth spurt in my life, one I have not yet found the limits to.

Integral to this is knowing everyone has a capacity to grow beyond what they know and who they are.

Today I become a sexagenarian and take to heart some words from Rohit Bhargava which I offer here as a blessing:

May you continue to know the agitation of your curiosity,
May your eyes open ever wider so you may observe more around you,
May you be playful and not fixated,
May you always be deeply thoughtful, knowing there is always more around the corner,
And may you be elegant in your life, your work and your art.^

(*From Eugene Peterson’s Run With the Horses.)
(**From Keri Smith’s The Wander Society.)
(^Heavily contrived (curated) from Rohit Bhargava’s Non Obvious – 2018 edition: ‘be curious, be observant, be fickle, be thoughtful, be elegant’.)

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