Dreamlines and other paths available

The American man was captivated. ‘And can we go and look for these Dreaming-tracks? […].’

They can,’ she said. ‘You can’t.’

‘You mean they’re invisible?’

‘To you. Not to them.’

‘Then where are they?’

‘Everywhere,’ she said. ‘For all I know, there’s a Dreaming-track running right through the middle of my shop.’*

Only you can see your dreamline.

Each person must have the eyes of their heart wide open in order to see their own.

Dreamlines sound magical, but we have formed them with our values, talents, energies and experiences.

They are wild, foot-trodden ways and can be hard to follow with all the metalled and paved alternatives, but they run through every aspect and dimension of each person’s life:

A hero sets off in search of something elusive that has the power to change both their life and the world.**

(*From Bruce Chatwin’s The Songlines.)
(**From Chris Guillebeau’s The Happiness of Pursuit.)

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