Anticlockwise people

I can never remember how I lifted the bed mattress last time. Did I flip it over over or did I spin it around?

So I have a reminder under the mattress for when I change it: one side of the reminder tells me to “Spin it” leaving it the same way up, the other “Flip it” which turns it upside down.

Sometimes in life we need to spin, to realign who we are and what we are doing. Basically, we’re doing okay and need only change things a little to stay on track.

Other times, we need to flip it, a radical change because we’re living upside down and we need to turn ourselves the right way up.

Knowing when to do what is what life hinges on. The big problems begin when we need to flip and we only spin.

Here are some “scriptures” to ponder:

Awareness is the greatest agent for change.*

More than ever, more of us have the freedom to care, the freedom to connect, the freedom to choose, the freedom to initiate, the freedom to do what matters.**

The will is the discipline of the heart and soul. The will is the one thing we control, completely, always.^

I was chatting to friends yesterday, about the challenge of creating new possibilities in different fields. Steve happened to mention taking different ways home at the end of the day, sometimes clockwise, sometimes anticlockwise to have time to reflect in busy days. Inma picked up on this and began talking about how we need to come to challenges anticlockwise.

I love this.

Anticlockwise people are those who see the possibilities lying within an “absolute future,” returning to the present to give some expression to these.

It is a “flip” approach to where we are in complex times.^^

(*From Eckart Tolle’s A New Earth.)
(**From Seth Godin’s What To Do When It’s Your Turn.)
(^From Ryan Holliday’s The Obstacle is the Way.)
(^^I was also reading Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time in which he describes a cone of absolute future being formed as a “ripple effect” from an event. Outside of this lies “elsewhere” and “not allowed.” I wonder if it is possible for anticlockwise people to return to the present and create the initiating event?)

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