A world of collaboration

But the overwhelming problem that confronts most of us in the world most of the time is that we are not falling in love with the heart of one another and the heart of other nations and species.*
(Philip Newell)

Mixing what we see, hear, learn, and read – that’s an art in itself, not to be underestimated.**
(Alfredo Carlo)

A few years ago I was told by some within an organisation to “strive towards a more collaborative style and use language and concepts that are more collaborative”.

There’s a world of difference between “collaborate with us” and “let’s collaborate together.”

One asks that we fit in, the other invites us to explore and shape a brave new world together.

One is a finite game, the other an infinite one. In one we are the problem, in the other, we bring something fresh and new.

The fact that the infinite player knows that they must sometimes play a finite game but that a finite player fails to see the bigger infinite game is expressed here by Youngme Moon when she warns us about losing difference:

We respect that statistics matter, but we also respect the fact that to reduce the game to numbers alone is to divest it of its soul.^

Taken to extremes – and we live in a world where extremes exist, when we fail to see and love the differences in one another, when our way is the only way, we see evil played out against each other in extremism.

As Alfredo Carlo helps us to see, playing with our differences is our future. Maybe this is the point of that old Tower of Babel story.

(*From Philip Newell’s The Rebirthing of God.)
(**Alfredo Carlo, from Drawn Together Through Visual Practice.)
(^From Youngme Moon’s Different.)

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