The disruptive good

We cannot look at the past or the future except by means of the imagination but again the imagination of the backward glance is one thing and the imagination of looks ahead something else.*
(Wallace Stevens)

New social movements do not come from those in centres of power. […] Look to the periphery, to people and places where commitment to the status quo is low and where hearts and minds are most open to the new.**

We often think of badness being disruptive or disruption being bad, but the more amazing and wonderful happens when we explore the edges, the unknown, the future, in order that we may:

‘increase the amount of randomness in our lives but also capture it when it presents something amazing’.^

We cannot do this without exploring and disrupting both the world within and the world without.

(*From Wallace Stevens’ The Necessary Angel.)
(**From Peter Senge’s The Necessary Revolution.)
(^From Jonah Lehrer’s The Click Moment.)

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