This is what I see and this is what I see

Nobody can predict the future.  That doesn’t mean you can’t feel it.*
(Hugh Macleod)

But when looking at the [humming] bird, suspended in space, I don’t think numbers or gravity.  I just watch and am amazed.’**
(Alan Lightman)

Alan Lightman the scientist has iterated the various numbers relating to how fast a humming bird’s wings move, how fast their heart must beat, but when he observes this tiny creature, he sees something else – something wonderful, amazing.

It is important to notice more but hidden within this information there are also signals.

Those who notice the signals becomes guides to us.  When we attune to the signals, we become guides to others.

(*From gaping void’s blog: How to stay calm in the face of uncertainty.)
(**From Alan Lightman’s Searching For Stars on an Island in Maine.)

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