Help me to see (people who see in the dark)

At least it feels like this.  People who seem to be seeing clearly in what appears as darkness to us.

In our universe, humans are only able to use around 5% of existing light without technology.

It’s a reminder for me that in the human family, we need each other to be able to see more than 5% of what there is to see.

What this also means is that we can see what others can’t.

Though this can can feel so mundane and ordinary that we underestimate how powerful our seeing is, thinking everyone must be able to see what we see.

Perhaps they can’t.

Perhaps the thing to do is to hone what you can see with what others see.  Those who do this chose a powerful way:

‘They see with their mind’s eye a different future.’*

( *From Seth Godin’s blog: Make an impossible dream a future reality.)


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