Playing isn’t magic, it just looks like it

We are the miracle, we human beings. […] It’s wondrous and amazing how such complex, aware, creative, caring creatures could have arisen in accordance with these laws [of the universe].*
(Sean Carroll)

In real life, true empathy drills down into unhappiness.**
(Hugh Macleod)

We have an amazing beginning, so full of promise.

These bodies, these brains and, often, a whole load of years to do something with them.

To play.

It may look magical and playfulness may sound great.  They’re full of imagination and creativity.  They’re also about hard work and help and love:

‘Civilisation, in a sense, always played according to certain rules, and true civilisation will always demand fair play.  Fair play is nothing less than good faith expressed in play terms.’^

(*Sean Carroll, quoted in Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings: Existential Therapy from the Universe.)
(**From gapingvoid’s blog: The extra mile.)
(^From Johan Huizinga’s Homo Ludens.)

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