Why should I follow you?

The root of the word “education” is e-ducere, literally to lead forth, or to bring out something, that is potentially present.*
(Erich Fromm)

Some people want to be rich.  Some people want to be famous.  Personally, I think you’re better off aiming to find work you love and that you find meaningful, because you can control that. […] Finding work that you love is much more doable.  It takes a little grit and patience.  And if you do manage to pull it off, you suddenly find yourself with superpowers.  Hurrah!**
(Hugh Macleod)

Only follow me if you think the path I am on will help you find your own.

As for me, I have found a path I can play upon, that daily takes me deeper into play.  Because of this, I only hope it will be of help to others.

(*From Erich Fromm’s The Art of Loving.)
(**From gaping void’s blog: The best way to get famous.)

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