Where is all the scribbling out?

Here are a few things I’ve learned: Everything flows.  All things are relative.  People are good.  The old ways are dying.  Nothing is certain.  Nature knows best.  Control is an illusion.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Not everything goes right; alive with it.  Enjoy the ride.
(Jay Cross)

The only difference between people that matters is the difference between those who allow this space to fill with flow – and those who don’t, or won’t allow it.**
(Richard Rohr)

I was watching a video from Roald Dahl Day 2012 in which the presenter took a camera inside the author’s writing hut, showing all the wonderful things he hoarded, including some pages filled with made up words he was trying out for The BFG, many of them scribbled out because they weren’t going to work.

Scribbling out used to be the thing we did when something was a work in progress, it wasn’t working, or was a mistake, opening up the possibility of moving on and another attempt.  It showed us how we got to where we are.

This no longer physically exists in the eAge.

I enjoyed Jay Cross’ closing words to Informal Learning.  It feels as though there’s a lot of scribbling out in life to arrive at what we want to do.

A little earlier, Cross had written:

“If society lacked deviants and rabble rousers, progress would come to a standstill.’*

These are the people who know they haven’t got it right, but are willing to scribble it out and keep going.  Erich Fromm adds nuance to how we are all heroes with scribblings out:

‘And, actually, every human being is the hero of a drama. […] Hero is a person born with certain gifts, and usually he fails, and his life is a tremendous struggle to make something out of which is born with, fighting against tremendous handicaps.’^

(*From Jay Cross’ Informal Learning.)
(**From Richard Rohr’s The Divine Dance.)
(^From Erich Fromm’s The Art of Listening.)

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