Backwards or forwards?

Intelligence, awareness, mindfulness are going to connect the pieces of the universe in a way inanimate matter never could.*
(“Uncle Deva”)

If you were given the choice of going backwards in time, in order to sort out the messes and regrets of your life, or to go forward in time and see how you used the learnings from the same messes and regrets to make something beautiful happen, which would you choose?

There is the infinite to each of these.

How far back would you have to go to keep un-messing and un-regretting?  How far forward could you move in time when you see what can become of the learnings and what they open in possibility?

Perhaps these very generous words from Anne Lamott will help you make your decision:

“The lesson here is that there is no fix.  There is, however, forgiveness.  To forgive yourselves and others constantly is necessary.  Not only is everyone screwed up, but everyone screws up.

How can we know all this, yet somehow experience joy?  Because that’s how we’re designed – for awareness and curiosity.  We are hardwired with curiosity inside us, because life knew that this would keep us going even in bad sailing … Life feeds anyone who is open to taste its food, wonder, and glee – its immediacy.”**

(*The character Uncle Deva, in Alan Lightman’s Mr g.)
(**Anne Lamott, quoted in Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings: Against Self-Righteousness.)

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