This is the day

We don’t have to wait for the day.

This can be the day we make our difference.  At least some expression of it.

So many generations, if they’d been able to imagine a time such as ours with all of its resources, would have longed to see it with all their might.  We, though, are the ones who do see this day and must not miss its significance because it perhaps doesn’t quite look like we think it ought.

These assumptions of what we think the day needs to look like are our barriers and need to be broken through.

Assumptions are false problems.  The real problems often lie beyond them.

A perfect day never comes.  Forget perfect altogether.   If, however, we’re prepared to be messy, to fail and from this to learn and change, things will happen.

I return to the six means of moving from the present to the future I mentioned a couple of days ago.*

I offer them as the means of breaking through your assumptions.

Reflecting allows you to see everything that is at play.

Anticipating is a sensing of what is most important and significant to you in these things.

Imagining brings tomorrow into today with some actual form this might take.

Synchronising ourselves to this possibility commits our heart, soul, mind and strength.

Designing feels like imagining but it is the second creation when imagination is the first – not the final product (forget perfection – it’s overrated), but something that will allow you to see whether it “sails.”

Creating is really about bringing what has been learned and tested and reshaped into the day-to-day.

The great thing is that fostering a daily journaling practice accommodates reflecting to synchronising and to some extent the designing.

Like the sprinter on their blocks, you are in the “set’ position.

Take your hands away and you’re falling forward, and the only way to save yourself is to run with all your might and expertise.

(*I am grateful to my friend and mentor Alex McManus for identifying these.)

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