I can’t do it

In my work helping people to identify their energies and abilities I cannot tell them what they must do.

On the way we uncover their “enriching environments,” the spaces they can make happen in which they are able to flourish.

As much as I can see the excitement of another, I cannot feel it.  Anything that I feel is only my excitement at being able to help them.  I only help them to find theirs.  Here’s how Ben Hardy concludes his book about environments:

‘When you change your environment, you will change.  But it must be your choice.  If someone changes your environment for you, your chances of adapting long-term will be low.’*

In anticipating our futures, taking the time to identify and nurture our most fruitful environments, we find and develop amazing abilities:

We become reflective: able to ponder slowly what is happening in and around us and make better choices as a result.

We are able to anticipate: knowing what wants to happen next, to emerge, to begin.

We are able to imagine what this may look like in our lives and our worlds.

We are capable of synchronising our lives with this possibility to make it happen – it’s then something both inward and outward.

We are led to a better design, to adjust, tweak, often through prototyping, trialing it ourselves.

We are now able to create it, to bring it into being, but never into some final deal – we reflect and anticipate and

I cannot do this for another, but we can do it for ourselves.

(*From Benjamin Hardy’s Willpower Doesn’t Work.)

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