Our best imaginations

Yet the imagination gives to everything that it touches a peculiarity, and it seems to me that the peculiarity of the imagination is nobility, of which there are many degrees.*
(Wallace Stevens)

Erwin McManus writes of how we seek three things: honour, nobility and enlightenment.**

Wallace Stevens suggest that the lack or disappearance of nobility is possibly ‘a maladjustment between the imagination and reality.’*

To discover or rediscover our imagination – each person’s tinted by different curiosities and interests – is to step into our peculiar nobility and to recognise one another’s.

Our imaginations are as real a thing as the reality they face.

They not only see something differently but engage the creative self in making this possible, in some way or other.

It is why I feel we will learn to be truly human and survive.

(*From Wallace Stevens’ The Necessary Angel.)
(**From Erwin McManus’ Uprising.)

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