We’ve already won the lottery

In coils of wave, winding in dance, the sea
is too fluent to feel its own silence,
only for the sure gaze an grip of shore
it would not know itself to the the sea.*
(John O’Donohue)

What would you like to accomplish with the rest of your life?**
(Nancy Kline’s mum)

While some want to win some or other kind of lottery, we miss seeing how just being here is the great prize.

Whether we indebt ourselves to the universe or nature or god or chance, here we are … and here is another day … and what shall we do?

Perhaps many times the things we want to escape by winning some or other lottery are the very things that help us to see that we have Enough and what we need is some way of unwrapping this.

By the way, I’ve not coloured today’s doodle in so that you can whilst pondering the question.

(*From John O’Donohue’s Echoes of Memory: Expectations.)
(**From Nancy Kline’s More Time to Think.)

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