The genesis foyer

Desire leads to conception and conception leads to birth.  This is the efficiency of desire.*
(Philip Newell)

Desire is also at the heart of creativity.  When we engage creatively, we depart from the fixed world of daily routine and grounded facts.  We enter into a kind of “genesis foyer,” where something that not yet is right begin to edge its way from silence into word, from the invisible into form.**

Nancy Kline writes about the people who struggle to enter into her communal thinking environments.  They are driven by, she would say addicted to, the control, urgency and certainty.  Such things are the enemies of creativity, including the encouraging of creativity in others.

They need to be replaced with respect, ease and interest.^

One way leads us into thoughtless make more faster space, the other into the genesis foyer where the things others really need begin to take form.

(*From Philip Newell’s The Rebirthing of God.)
(**From John O’Donohue’s To Bless the Space Between Us.)
(^See Nancy Kline’s More Time to Think.)

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