To touch the earth quietly

Do not search for the answers, which could not be given to you now,
because you would not be able to live them.
And the point is to live everything.
Live the questions now.*
(Rainer Maria Rilke)

There are plenty of people willing to provide noisy answers, wanting their voices to be heard over the voices of others.

Rainer Maria Rilke points warns, though, answers don’t allow us to live everything.

At the beginning of my day, I found myself wondering about something taught by Jesus of Nazareth.  To the crowds that came to the wild places to listen to him, he said, “Blessed are the meek because they will inherit the earth.”

Why inherit rather than rule or possess?

It feels as if there’s a moving of the inheritance-lines.  Most of the inheritance would go to the first-born male.

Now the important and valuable things will go to anyone who lives in an open inquiring way with everything that exists rather than to those with privilege by design or accident – my redefining of meekness.

Those who know they can’t have and keep something beyond the grave live in a different way through life.  To the person who knows they cannot possess a beautiful sunset, the oceans or mountains, a simple flower or the smile of another, there can be a great openness that allows them to more fully absorbs it.

The earth is truly theirs as they wander from the narrower paths of answers across the hidden ways of questions.

Here’s a blessing from Hugh Macleod for the meek:

‘Stay curious. Never settle.  Amen.’**

(*Rainer Maria Rilke, quoted in the Northumbria Community‘s Morning Prayer.)
(**From gapingvoid’s Stay curious.)

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