Visible and invisible ways

I felt connected not only to the stars but to all of nature, and to the entire cosmos.  I felt a merging with something far larger than myself, a grand and eternal unity, a hint of something absolute.*
(Alan Lightman)

It was during his time as a school-teacher that Arkady learned of the labyrinth of invisible pathways which meander all over Australia and are known to Europeans as “Dreaming-tracks” or “Songlines”: to the Aboriginals as “Footprints of the Ancestors” or the “Way to the Law”.**
(Bruce Chatwin)

In a material universe, two of the visible ways we know our physical bodies keep moving are through food and healing – we require fuel to burn and we go wrong.

Life is more than these, more than the visible, though; it seems to shine brightest where the visible and invisible ways cross and intertwine.  And there are so many.

(*From Alan Lightman’s Searching for Stars on an Island in Maine.)
(**From Bruce Chatwin’s The Songlines.)

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