The community of the gift

The study and hard work.  The prepared mind.  The being stuck.  The sudden shift.  The letting go of control.  The letting go of self.*
(Alan Lightman)

You don’t need everyone.  You just need the right people.**
(Bernadette Jiwa)

The end result is the gift, the thing I bring into being as an expression of my curiosity and fascination and study and imagination and failure and skilfulness and desire to give.

And my gift is not for everyone, but it is for someone.

There is the gift.  There is the spirit of the gift.  And there is the community of the gift.

When Ben Hardy writes:

‘I’m reliant on my environment, and in many ways, I’m defined by it,’^

he also turns my attention to the importance of the community of the gift for me:

‘Without the ability to change our environment, we wouldn’t be able to change.’^

I read Alan Lightman’s words to understand the movement of mastery and freedom is from the self to others, from the ego to eco.  The person I am becoming is made possible by my living toward others:

‘You can only have what you have by releasing it to others.’^^

(*From Alan Lightman’s A Sense of the Mysterious.)
(**From Bernadette Jiwa’s blog: Reach is Overrated.)
(^From Ben Hardy’s Willpower Doesn’t Work.)
(^^From James Carse’s Finite and Infinite Games.)

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