Datafication and Categorisation

As we create more methods for quantifying the world around us, data gets manipulated, contaminated and sabotaged, making it harder to separate true insights from useless noise.*
(Rohit Bhargava)

Rohit Bhargava introduces me to his perceived trend for 2018 of “data pollution.”

The more we break things down, not only does information become impenetrable but also incomprehensible, at a collective level but also a personal one..

My work with people is about helping them find out more about themselves in order to make their choices for the future.  The last thing I want is for someone to become lost in their data or think of themselves as a member of a category.

They are the only one to ever be who they are.

If someone had the inclination to categorise me it would be easy thing to do, several times over.  But I hope I am more than these categories and I hope you are, too.

(*From Rohit Bhargava’s Non Obvious 2018.)

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